About Us

How does it started?

Our mission has started in late 2004

Our founder, Robin Tan, a serial entreprenuer and veteran game developer with over 18 years of experience in the Global Game industry.

He has been leading pioneer in Game Development with track records as Creative Lead for Winning Award title "Armor Valley" in IGF 2009 China and has worked with US Microsoft on Xbox & Windows Phone early launch.

Cloudzen is the Leading Cloud Gaming and Mobile Entertainment Platform as Service offering various means of communications channels through digital entertainment via game stores, communities and social networks.

GameCloud serves as the digital distribution platform across platforms, moreover offering numerous solutions through different aspects.

Instant streaming of games through handheld devices, multiplayer gaming, video streaming and social networking tools. Availability of performing management and admin actions across the range of operations.

With the aid of game streaming technology, gamers are able to play high quality 3D graphic games instantly on the go saving the hassle of downloading.

Our team
Robin Tan
CEO / Founder
Edmund Shen
Creative Director
Alexandr Nohrin
Art Director
Janelle Lee
General Manager
Some stats
Years of experience
Our visions

„Once you experience game streaming, you will not go back to tradition gaming, just like netflix & spotify”

Robin Tan

„We believe the time is near, as 5G is coming.”

Robin Tan

„Game Streaming is the future.”

Edmund Shen

„With GameCloud, it is easy to find games any moment on your phone, your tablet, your TV and more”

Janelle Lee

„Without download, GameCloud entertains you anywhere, anytime & it is for everyone.”

Janelle Lee
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